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Jump Box Hero is an absorbing game at jogosfriv4school.com. Take the role of a tiny box and jump high. You play Jump Box Hero game with a spring in your step. It is quite difficult to win in old friv games, but try hard. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Do yourself proud. Keep away from perilous acute arrows at any cost.


Jump Box Hero free game is ready to play on our web. Your mission is to make jumps to go higher and higher. You are a small black block standing on the ground. Above you, there are black bars which move close up. The ends of bars have spears. The spears are sharp and acute. When the bars move close on old friv games online, spears approach too. Two spears will meet in one moment. You must jump in such way that the block doesn’t touch acute objects. If spears hit you, you will lose your life. You just are given one life. Save it. Don’t waste it. If you are killed, you can replay and begin a new turn. 


You must jump high at right time to avoid death in old friv games free. You can get scores while playing this game. You gain 1 point after overcoming a couple of bars. Achieve scores as many as you could. If you are murdered, you shall see your existing score and best score. The background is light blue. There are white crosses, triangles, squares, and lozenges falling down on the ground.  


You have to act as fast as a flash at old friv games for school to jump high and dodge acute ends of bars. If you tap continuously, the block jumps continuously. If you stop to tap, the block will fall. Make use of this to move smartly and expand the time you survive. The game is quite hard. You need to practice more to win it. Take diamonds on the way.


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How to play:

  • Tap the screen to make jumps.
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