Guitar Hero GamePlay:

Guitar Hero is an amazing music game at jogosfriv4school.com, do you like guitar, do you want to be a guitar hero?


• Different music styles.
• Incredible songs.
• Difficult levels
• Global scores!
• Cool graphics and effects!
• Better controls and gameplay!

In this game, you need to tap the button in right time, or you will miss the note.

If you perform well, you will get a good score. How many score can you get at Friv2017 games? Call your friends and enjoy these amazing music!

My list is is only top 3 since i only own 3 guitar hero games! Its a lot different to this video!

1: Guitar hero 5 (Even better game! good setlist! Great graphics! (Create a character was better! Make a band lineup!) I got to say but GHWT and GH5 completly kicked arse! I just loved the full band experiance where you would invite friends over to your place and just rock all night with a full band... I miss those days of guitar hero!

2: Guitar hero world tour (Very good game! Got better graphics! Great setlist! Loved the full band experiance!

3: Guitar hero 3 (Got boring after 30 mins of playing and crap graphics and crap setlist)


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