Archery World Cup GamePlay:

You get a kick out of Archery World Cup of jogosfriv4school.com. It is nothing short of a shooting game. You are likely to find it hard to complete herculean task. Don’t give up. Aim at the bull’s eye and shoot straight. Some advice is that practice makes perfect.  Archery World Cup surely wins your heart at friv \. Why don’t we start off?


Archery World Cup free game is so engrossing. You play as a true bowman. You don’t use a traditional bow but a modern bow, which has special tools to aim easily. It helps you much more. The game is about an adventure of many levels. You must pass stages one by one. We show you a map so that you realize where you are in friv \ game.


In the beginning, the distance between you and the board is 30 meters. However, it increases after each level. It’s a long shot to get a high score. Try your best! You will aim and shoot your arrow. Missions and challenges of levels are different. In level 1, we give you 5 arrows for each level. You must get golden stars to complete levels on friv \ player game. If you get 6 points, you will have 1 star. 8 points bring 2 stars while 3 stars need 10 points.


As soon as you have maximum stars, you will win that level and move to the next stage. At level 2, you just have 3 arrows. The points you have to get also increase. To get 1 star, you must earn 9 points. In level 3 of friv \ free games, you have 1 star when you get 12 points. Focus on the speed of the wind. It changes your shot’s direction. Regulate the direction flexibly.


The graphics are very eye-catching, isn’t it? Type reviews about this game on our website. Rate it with 5 stars when you love it.  Recommend it to your family members. Explore Stickman Archer Online 4, Stickman Archer 3, and Stickman Archery King Online from http://jogosfriv4school.com/.


How to play:

  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
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