Uphill Rush 7 GamePlay:

Uphill Rush 7 is a splendid game at jogosfriv4school.com. Do you like playing with water? Visit a water park and enjoy extreme sports. Slide through tubes, create impressive stunts and win stages. Compete to be the champion.  Uphill Rush 7 game will be an unforgettable experience on fribv. How about exploring it now?

Uphill Rush 7 free game seems so excellent to play. You go on a trip to a modern water park. There are many giant pipes in the park. Most of them are open-half. Some pipes have see-through lean-to roof. The pipes are very long, bendy and crooked. You must slide and keep you alive until you cross the finish line. We have 2 modes: daytime and night time in fribv games. In the daytime mode, there are 3 levels: easy, normal, and hard. You have to win easy level to unlock the normal level and pass normal level to play hard level. There are 3 levels in the night time mode too. Nevertheless, the scenes are different at night. It’s dark. We decorate pipes with fairy lights.  

Because pipes are tortuous, it’s challenging to keep balance while you slide. You should control the character flexibly. Try to keep balance. Don’t fall down in roundabouts. You can get money on the way. Collect wads of paper money. Each wad is $10. You meet visitors on the path of fribv player games. Just slip and kick them out of the pipes. You perhaps destroy red, yellow and green flags which are plugged on the edge of pipes. Make good jump if you want. Be careful of checkpoints. It is very dangerous. If you fall down into the water and lose the float, you will fail the game. Replay to start again.

You are provided a girl in the pink bikini, a boy in red shorts, and a red float for free on fribv for free. You can use your money to buy new characters, boats, and floats. Characters and pieces of equipment have different prices. A green boat costs $500. A girl in pink dress costs $5000. You buy a bear with $20000. Crocodile -shaped lifebuoy is purchased with $20000. You use $50000 to buy a green alien or $75000 to own a dolphin.

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  • Use arrows to accelerate, lean back, reverse and lean forward.
  • Use Space to jump or stunt.
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