Sworm. io GamePlay:

Sworm. io is a spectacular game at jogosfriv4school.com. You are one worm wander around to look for food. You can become bigger and stronger. Rule the world of slithering creatures.  Defeat and destroy enemies to control the area. Sworm. io game of friv oyununu is so amusing to play. Join the battle right now. Nerve yourself!

Sworm. io free game is a massively multiplayer game. You can play as a guest or sign in to have an account. Choose the spectating mode to watch what is happening in the arena without taking part. You not only control one worm but also direct many worms at the same time. Change the skin color if you want in friv oyununu game. Many designs are available. Select the one you like. 


You see you crawling on a vast black floor. That is a battlefield of players from all over the world. Everyone desires to win the others. At first, you are just a tiny worm. To grow up, you must eat colorful orbs. Orbs are shining and have a bunch of sizes. They are green, blue, yellow, and red. Move exactly to take them on friv oyununu player games. The more orbs you eat, the bigger you are. You eat bugs too. You will own their protection after eating them. Eating magnet-shaped bonuses brings a new power. You are able to cut rivals and split them into a few smaller worms. You can cut yourself too. When your main worm dies, you still keep playing as another one because each worm contains one life.   


If you crash into another worm, you will your life at friv oyununu free games. The game is over. You will see your best score, players defeated, worms owned, worms killed, food consumed, bugs eaten, bonuses picked, and time played. Press Play again button to retry. Eliminating opponents by letting them crash into you.    


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  • Use the left mouse or W to boost speed.
  • Use the right mouse to cut mode.
  • Use the roller to zoom.
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