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SuperHex.io is another territory spread game at jogosfriv4school.com, in which you should expand your control. Unlike other popular IO games like Agar.io or Slither.io, in Superhex io you don't have to eat other players.

In Superhex.io your goal is to conquer as many hexagons on the map as possible by closing it with your colored trail and connect it back to your existing territory. Each block in Superhex io is worth 1 point and occupies 0.003% of the map.

Frivforschool Games 2018 online, the new cool IO game Superhex brings improved graphics, wide color palette and more fun into a primary version.

You will win the game if you conquer the whole map, namely if you territory reaches 100%. Even though you are unable to see your position on the map, you know how much you have already occupied. But be careful, if another player touches your trail you will loose and start all over again.

How to play Superhex IO

  • To control you character you only use the mouse. Your character will follow the drawn trajectory.
  • Create territory by drawing shapes with the colored line and connecting them back to your existing territory.
  • You have a weak spot, your line. If an enemy touches it, game will be over for you.
  • You can also connect any neighboring pieces to your base and steal hexagons from other players and of course kill them to win more space for expansion.
  • Don't hit the edges of the map, otherwise your efforts will be vain.

Superhex IO Strategy, Tips & Tricks

  1. Create angled shapes and connect them later. It helps you to stay always close to your territory and conquer a lot of hexagons at the same time.
  2. Annoy other players by entering their territories and run into them when they try to get it back.
  3. When capturing, do curves to archieve maximum safety.
  4. Always keep your line on the screen.
  5. Don't run into you own tail!
  6. You want to capture a big area? Try to get to the border of the map, because there is less competition.


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