Robbers In Town GamePlay:

Robbers In Town is an adventure of two thieves at jogosfriv4school.com. You break out of jail, collect money and run away. So many obstacles will prevent you from escaping. You face and deal with problems. The jailbreak is very treacherous. Robbers In Town game of friv y8 tests your mettle. Prove that you are a strong player.

Robbers In Town online game is so amusing that you can’t help playing it. Players can beam with pride after passing any level. You play in the tutorial mode at first so that you may understand what happens in the game. Learn how to overcome obstructions in friv y8 games. After you get used to the game, you begin immediately.

Open the gate to help two thieves escape. You control them to run and jump over obstacles. Obstructions may be wooden barrels or cliffs. Big boxes are placed on the way. You must jump over them. Sometimes a column of 2 barrels stops you from going ahead. A few boxes fly in the air. The distance between boxes is different at friv y8 player game. Act quickly and move exactly. You probably jump over holes. They appear suddenly, so be careful. Play well to gain golden stars. When you finish a level, your stars will turn up. You can get a maximum of 3 stars in every stage.

Money bags will float above boxes. When robbers make successful jumps, they get money. Your asset will be shown after the game ends. If you crash into boxes or fall down, you will fail the game. Reload to begin a new turn. There are 4 challenges: jailbreak, desert, mountains, and jungle on friv y8 online game. Each challenge occurs in a setting. You have to make a getaway and across a desert, the range of mountain, and dark forest. There are 4 stages in a challenge. You must complete them one by one. To unlock level 2, you are forced to finish level 1.

Robbers in Town is an online HTML5 game at http://jogosfriv4school.com/, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). Share this game with friends. Rate it highly! We are honored to receive your comments. Don’t forget to play more games such as Theft When Proceeding, Bob the Robber 4 and Jail Break Rush.  

  • Tap to start.
  • Press the right arrow to make the first robber jump.
  • Press the left arrow to make the second robber jump.