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Are you a math nerd? When we talk about nerd, it's easily to think of boring and rational, but in fact, there are many people like math nerd, so do you want to be a member of us?

This fun game will challenge you in unique ways regardless of your age or math level at Friv games for school. From simple arithmetic to more complex multiplication and division, you must search out the most mathtastic equations.

This game was developed for all of those math nerds out there that are tired of word games. Equations are sooooo much cooler than words so why are there so many word games?!?

This game was scheduled to be released much earlier but it ended up being so much fun that we kept playing instead of finishing and releasing the friv game online.

We have decided that we have withheld this game from our fellow math nerds for too long so we are releasing it so people can stop playing word games and start playing real puzzle games, Math Nerd games on site Friv 4 school 2018.

We hope you enjoy this game as much as we do and please let us know your feedback.

Wow! This is the best math game I've found on the market. I play it for entertainment though it challenges me and keeps my math skills sharp. I hope to see note games by this dev.


  1. FREE STYLE - an exciting scrabble type game with equations instead of words! Compete against different levels of AI or play vs your friends! Collect achievements and see how you rank on the global leaderboard.
  2. MATH CROSS - arrange a set of tiles to match a predetermined value! Like a crossword puzzle but with equations. 10 difficulties each with 20 levels.
  3. CONFOUND - search out equations from a sea of tiles! Try 3 challenging modes!
  4. MATH ATTACK - defend your fort and destroy the equations before they reach you! Has different modes so you can practice your basic addition or multiplication tables or let it create more complex equations. How high of a score can you get?

In this game, you need to solve some math problems and prove your ability. You can do that at www.jogosfriv4school.com

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