HexSweep .io GamePlay:

HexSweep .io is a simple but engrossing game at jogosfriv4school.com. You build your area and find the best way to expand it. Imagine you rule a whole of the kingdom on ww friv com. So exciting! Fight against other players and subjugate other lands in the free HexSweep .io game!

The HexSweep .io is such an easy fascinating multiple-player game to enjoy. The battlefield is a board which is made of a lot of hexagons. Your kingdom starts with a small area. It consists of 4 blue hexagons in the center and some blue hexagons numbered from 0 to 2 lying around in ww friv com player games. You will choose a random gray hexagon to expand your land. 

Pay attention to the numbers in the hexagons! They refer to a number of mines nearby hexagons. You have to consider and choose the next hexagon carefully. Your critical mind and intelligence need using in this game of free ww friv com. It partly depends on your good luck. You do not know where dangerous mines are. Besides, you should not waste time because other players perhaps take over your land.

If you take a right hexagon, you will take over the tile. As a result, your area will become a bit wider. When you step on a mine, it will make all your existing hexagons explore and you will die. The game ends. You can play again right away at ww fri com for free.
We supply a Leaderboard shown on the right top of the screen, so you can see your rank, final score, and maximum map coverage.

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How to play?


  • Drag to move around; otherwise, it’s like traditional minesweeper.
  • Right click/hold to mark a tile.
  • Left click/tap to reveal a tile.
  • Don’t reveal a mine or mark a normal tile!
  • Number on a tile corresponds to the number of mines around it.
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