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Ghostz.io - An attractive battle in the dark

Welcome to the realm of ghosts in Ghostz.io! Here a historical war will appear. Do you have the courage to participate in this battle? I am ready! Fight with Ghostzio right away.

Ghostz.io is a Multiplayer battles with everyone at jogosfriv4school.com! Enter your name before playing the game. Defeat your enemies with cute ghosts and powerful magic swords! Earn points to get growing stronger!

Do you believe that the world of ghosts exists? Have you ever had a chance to explore this world? Great! Because this world comes right in Ghostz.io with so many interesting experiences. Warning! The world of ghosts is a very dangerous place with bloody battles and darkness everywhere. Are you ready to explore? Click Ghostz io!

Where does the story begin?

The story starts here! Imagine that one day, you accidentally get lost in a world of darkness with ghosts wandering everywhere. The black bats, skulls and swords are all what you can find here. With Ghostz.io online, you have absolutely no partner, no support or some modern weapons like guns, missiles, cannons. All you have is a sword and courage.

More terrible! The ghosts are besieging you and they are together to destroy you in this bloody historic battle. You have only two choices: Accept and die in weakness or fight to protect yourself and affirm courage. Which one do you choose in Ghostz.io unblocked?

The battle of courage officially begins!

Do not think of anything! Use your sword and courage to destroy all enemies in the battle at Ghostz.io game. However, at the beginning of the battle, you are just a little ghost with a sword, so you need to pick up many skulls to improve energy and kill other ghosts to become stronger.

Each time you kill a ghost, you will have a new sword. This means that the more ghosts you destroy, the more swords you have. Haha! When you become the biggest ghost in the world, you can kill any opponent you like. This is great, right? However, to become the King in this dead land, you must face many difficulties and challenges on the way at Ghostz.io game. So please concentrate and take advantage of every opportunity to attack the wave of ghosts.

Another note for you is that energy is one of the most important factors in this battle. Here in Ghostz.io online, the energy source is not forever, so you have to constantly improve and expand it by collecting as many skullcaps as you can. Whenever the energy column is about to end, you must stop attacking the enemy to focus on improving energy or the game is over.

Looking for a perfect tactic

Note that, before starting this battle in Ghostz.io, you should observe carefully and find a perfect tactic in the game. I can suggest you 2 basic tactics below. Strategy 1: You should focus on collecting skulls to increase energy, then destroy the enemy. Strategy 2: You can focus on destroying the enemy, then gather skull caps after the enemy dies. For every tactic, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. So you should try and consider with each tactic at Ghostz.io unblocked. What are you waiting for? This chance is for you. We have a great selection of the best io games at  Friv Mobile & Tablet and coolest Ghostz.io games for you. Play Ghostzio right now!

=== Introduction ===

- Offline play is possible!

- Easy operation!

- Strategic battle!

- Mobile and PC simultaneously playable!

How to play:

Your task is to kill as many as small ghosts in the space as you can. The more you kill, the high score you get. Keep an eye on the rank to learn your achievement among players. 


Cute Ghost .io War game!
Attack enemies with various magic swords!
Multiplayer battles with everyone!

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