Crashy.io GamePlay:

Crashy.io is a chaotic clash of a bunch of cars in friv unblocked games. Go around and collects money to boost your power. Maybe you are in deep water sometimes. All enemies thirst for the highest position. It is a long shot, but you can do that. Crashy.io online game is worth spending your free time at power pamplona friv.  

Do you get ready to play Crashy.io free game? To set your foot on the land of cars, you type your name in a box and choose one out of 5 cars we provide. There are 5 cars with 5 colors including orange, red, green, black, and blue. Then click the play button. You control a car and attend a fight of wheels. You and other players are going to play on the battleground of power pamplona friv games. Lakes and other objects such as wooden barrels and blocks of bricks are put on the ground. They stop you from moving. Keep away from them.

Your duty is to collect gold coins as many as you can. Coins bring points. The player who has the highest score is the winner. We have a leaderboard showing the rank of players. You will know your rank and try to reach a higher position on power pamplona friv player game. The more coins you get, the bigger your car is. Become a gigantic car to threaten opponents. Crash the back of other cars to damage them.

If you are attacked by cars many times, you will die in the game. You lose your only one life. You probably respawn immediately. Nonetheless, your score will reduce. For example, you have got 1000 points and you are murdered in power pamplona friv online game. You can reply with 800 points. A variety of vehicles move around on the battlefield. They struggle for coins. Everyone wants to be the number one on the rank board.  

We are pleased to have your opinions about our game. Rate it highly if you fancy it! Introduce it to your close friends. Play other awesome games like Diep.ioHexar.io and Mope.io at http://jogosfriv4school.com/.
How to play:

  • Use the mouse to move and boost.
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