Color Tower GamePlay:

Color Tower is a beautiful and interesting arcade game at jogosfriv4school.com, you just need to click the screen to play this game. Your aim is to build a tower as high as you can and try to get a good score. Enjoy it!


Have a break from everything - relax and build your Color Tower in juegos friv 3! When you're not crushing sweets or smashing zombies, play Color Tower for a few minutes.


The Color Tower will not drive you to despair for sure. Challenges appear constantly, and the blocks fall down one by one. You have to be good with your hands. You should observe carefully and choose the right time to drop the blocks. They fly on the top of the screen until you decide to let them fall on juegos friv 3 player game.


You will gain one score when you drop a block successfully. Your best points are saved in the game, so you can see your result and have the motivation to surpass yourself. As your tower collapses, you lose, then the game gives you request to begin again. You may start right now.


The blocks are so colorful and lovely that you cannot stop building them in juegos friv 3 free games. Make the tallest tower which is solid and impressive. It is important for you to arrange and make blocks fit like a glove. If the foundation is derelict at the first stages, your building is easy to be knocked down. Be watchful!


All your comments, rating and sharing are warmly welcomed. Don’t waver! Construct your own tower!


Instructions: Just tap the screen to drop the scrolling block on top the other. See if you can beat your own score. If your building is still not high enough for you: occasionally, you can continue a game as Ruine Tower

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