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Welcome to Brutes .io, a gripping game at jogosfriv4school.com! You turn into a strong fighter competing against opponents. Prove that you are a powerful and skillful player. Brutes .io game of friv 100 games brings hilariousness to you. Kick back with this spellbinding combats. Show off the braveness and brilliant mind.

The Brutes .io is an action game for free on our website. Type your nickname to begin or play as a random guest. The battlefield is full of warriors. So dangerous! Your task is to defeat all opponents and stay alive.

Release punch button at the right time to hit your rivals. Knock out them on friv 100 multiplayer games for free. Be aware of your enemy. Use stun meter and flee before he stands up. If the enemy stands up, he will be invincible with a speed boost. If your stun meter is high or your health meter is low, disengage from the war to recover. Collect growth orbs to heal or level up to fully heal and remove all stun. You may evolve after every 3 levels up. You will get bigger, have more health and become stronger. Your movement and stun recovery seem slower, however.

In friv 100 online games, you can pick the favorite color for your character. Perhaps you change battles’ setting. Choose a scene among grim graveyard, Santa’s snowpark, and cowboy canyon. There are many servers to join. Your score consists of growth orbs and brutes kill bonuses. If you fall down from the cliffs or a rival causes your death, the game will end. It’s possible to replay straight away.

Introduce this game to your companions to have fun together. Don’t forget to make comments on the quality of the game. Enjoy interesting games like Smash City: Monster Battles, Brawlsio, and Boxing Physics 2 at http://jogosfriv4school.com/.


  • Use left click or Space to punch.
  • Use right click, W A S D keys or arrows to move.
  • Hold the punch button to charge your punch.
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