Anna Looking For Candy GamePlay:

We are sure that Anna Looking For Candy tickles you pink at jogosfriv4school.com.  Visit the royal palace in Arendelle and play with Anna princess. You will give it the best shot to fool Olaf. Anna Looking For Candy game takes you to the wonderland to attend a special game. Why don’t you begin instantly in friv gams?

 One day, in the Anna Looking For Candy, Elsa queen and other royal members go out. Anna is in the castle with her friend, Olaf. She has nothing to do. Therefore, she feels so boring. She doesn’t know what to do.  Suddenly, an idea crosses her mind. She will hold a game. It is based on the hide-and-seek game. She shall hide all candies and cakes so that Olaf cannot find them. If she collects all confectionery without being caught by Olaf, she will be able to eat those candies on www friv gams.

The setting is in a small room of the Arendelle castle. Anna is standing in the middle of the room. There are many kinds of confectionery around her such as sherbet, lollipop, beans, fruit drops, hard candy, minty candies, chocolate bar, ice cream, candy cane, and cookies. Besides, a cabinet, sofa and teddy bear appear in the room. When Olaf is not in the room, you have to conceal candies quickly. Put them in drawers. If Olaf goes downstairs, you must hide behind the cabinet in free friv gams. Try your best so that he cannot see you. Olaf will go upstairs. You take that chance to continue hiding the candies, cookies, and cakes.    

Pay attention! Some sweets are under the teddy bear. You have to lift it up, collect and hide candies. After you find and hide all candies, you will be the winner. Be quick! If you are caught by Olaf, you will lose. You can replay the game immediately. Olaf goes downstairs and upstairs continuously. Be careful! Don’t let him see you!

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Instructions: Use the mouse to play.

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